Financials for Office 365

Financials for Office 365 is a powerful cloud accounting software for small and growing businesses which integrates natively with other Microsoft powered solutions including Office 365, PowerBI and Dynamics 365 Sales. Financials for Office 365 provides comprehensive features to businesses who need real-time data to make decisions with small technology and insight.

Financials for Office 365
As a Microsoft powered Cloud Accounting solution run in the Azure Cloud in Melbourne and Sydney, you have complete control of your data to handle your business needs as they have outgrown smaller accounting packages. Check out the Standard Edition overview video.
Key differentiations that you will find in Financials include the following:
  • No monthly transaction limits
  • Accounting for Multi-company
  • Advanced report tags to track your performance and funds
  • Built in functions like inventory, manufacturing, CRM and more
  • Built in vertical features to make doing business easier
  • Native integrations with Microsoft business solutions


See how Financials for Office 365 enables you to manage all common finance processes and information, such as posting financial transactions, preparing financial statements, managing bank accounts, creating Budgets and Forecasts, utilise Cash flow Forecasting and more. Finally we will show you how to open and close periods and financial years.

The physical handling of items received at the company warehouses can be managed and recorded in different ways, depending on the level of warehouse management features in the installation.  This video will cover an introduction into Distribution in Financials for Office 365.

Jobs | Project Costing

Financials for Office 365 configures the Jobs module to any business requirement around job and project costing.

In this video you will see all capabilities and features available within the Jobs Module of Financials for Office 365 including Task and budget management, resource cost accounting and time sheets plus the Project manager role centre aimed at illustrating all this and more.


Manufacturing and Production can be found within Financials for Office 365 Standard Edition. This video covers how Financials configures the production processes, schedules production activities, issues the materials and ingredients, and then finally execute the manufacturing of the inventory.

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