SAP Business ByDesign

SAP Business ByDesign is a software-as-a-service (SAAS) made available on the cloud platform taking care such diverse functionalities like ERP, Financial Management, Human Resource Management, CRM, Supply Chain Management, Distribution, Manufacturing, Purchase and all other functions that are essential for running the company.

SAP Business ByDesign offers the following advantages:

  • It takes care of all the processes of your company from wing-to-wing.
  • It increments the efficiency of the company several fold.
  • It can be accessed from anywhere, anytime and by any device.
  • It provides crucial business insights and analytics in a prompt fashion.
  • It operates on secure data centres that are constantly led and managed by professionals at SAP.

  • SAP Business ByDesign – Competence of the Product
  • The SAAS platform on which SAP-Business ByDesign runs has the following functional proficiencies.
  • Customer Relation Management (CRM)

      Make the entire processes of acquiring a customer, the actual sale and after sales service, a seamless affair with SAP Business ByDesign.
    • Manage marketing campaigns, both offline and online, and effectively manage the lead generated by making use of the customer information.
    • Automate sales force and processes, utilise them efficiently, and close the sale with right accounts, proper invoices and apt data.
    • Delight the customers by giving them world-class service. SAP Business ByDesign gives your service team the needed access to better customer insights.
  • Finance

      Liquidity is the essential of any business. A business standing in terms of profitability defines its sustainability. SAP Business ByDesign helps maintain robust accounts and accounting practices.
    • Streamline and maintain the accounts for multiple operating units.
    • Maintain proper transaction, of both supplier and customer.
    • Obtain real-time information on cash position with the transaction data.
  • Human Resources

      Manage the challenges of human resources by streamlining the processes. SAP Business ByDesign assists in recruitment, workforce management, attendance, payroll and other services related to employee welfare and HR compliance.
    • Simplify new employee on-boarding.
    • Provide necessary information to all employees and their respective supervisors or managers.
    • Process payroll either directly or through third party vendors who process the payroll.
    • Offer employees the provision to change / modify select personal information in the main database.
    • Get purchase requests, directly from employees and get necessary approvals from the supervisors.
    • Manage and appraise the progress of the employees in their career role.
  • Procurement

      Enable procurement competencies directly from the employees. SAP Business ByDesign assists in this process and saves time and cost.
    • Provide for a central database of products and their suppliers.
    • Provide purchasing activities transparently so that the buyers get information about the company’s buying policy first hand.
  • Project Management

      Run any projects internally or with the collaboration of outside vendors using SAP Business ByDesign.
    • Run your projects and monitor it real-time.
    • Run your projects profitably by impacting them positively.
  • Supply Chain Management

      The challenges of effective supply chain are matching the demand and supply. SAP Business ByDesign helps to match this supply and demand and assists in sending the finished products to customers without any time delay and compromise to quality.
    • Ensure product designs meet requirements placed by the customer.
    • Ensure proper plan is in place to identify apt suppliers who match the set standards and satisfy due diligence processes.
    • Map these suppliers to get a clear picture of the supply chain.
    • Plan your procurement optimally so as to satisfy supply and demand.
    • Manage your production house efficiently and automate where necessary.
  • Manufacturing

      Manufacturing is closely tied to the Supply Chain Management cycle. SAP Business ByDesign gives you an overview of manufacturing operations.
    • Study, Streamline and integrate processes in manufacturing.
    • Manage sales channels, sales partners and new markets in new geographies.
    • Take measures to increase customer satisfaction.
  • Professional Services

      Automation of professional services is aided by SAP Business ByDesign. The platform helps right from client management to project management.
    • Develop right process and services, and ensure smooth functioning.
    • Ensure timely service delivery and replicate the success.
    • Make use of the insights to deliver superior value to customers.
    • Ensure business profitability and customer profitability by proper planning.
  • Wholesale Distribution

      The challenge in distribution is to maintain lower inventory which translates to lower cost but at the same time proper service or product delivery which impacts customer satisfaction has to be ensured. SAP Business ByDesign helps to maneuver these challenges.
    • Assess demand accurately and optimise supply.
    • Gain knowledge on your supply chain and identify challenges.
    • Constantly look out to reduce operational cost.
    • Increase satisfaction from customers and ensure their loyalty.
    • Make customer interaction a delightful experience.
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