SAP Hybris

Provide marketing, sales, and service professionals with complete customer intelligence to manage relationships and customer-related processes. Our customer relationship management products enable you to define customers based on their industry and personalise the customer experience.

SAP Hybris Omnichannel Commerce

Almost every business is now a multi-channel business. But the customer experience can be patchy when channels are managed by different teams or business units. Hybris takes multi-channel selling a step further – to omni-channel commerce and it integrates all the customer touch points, digital and physical, onto one platform. Hybris omni channel commerce management software can help:
  • Create a seamless and highly personalized customer experience across every channel and touch point - and make it consistent from initial order to final fulfillment.
  • Consolidate sales, management, and service onto a single platform that's designed for omnichannel commerce and puts the customer first.

SAP Hybris Sales

Engage your customers in more meaningful ways with SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer. This cloud CRM portfolio brings sales, customer service, and social CRM together – to help your team form powerful personal connections that drive customer engagement across all channels. Take advantage of rich predictive insight, flawless execution and contextual customer experience relevant to your industry.

SAP Hybris Marketing

Hybris Marketing enables real-time contextual marketing. Engage customers, delight them, and cultivate brand relationships by marketing to an audience of one.

Hybris Marketing enables marketers to develop a deeper understanding of customers; to know what they have done, what they may do, and most importantly what they are doing now. Gain real-time insights into the context of each customer, and leverage these insights to deliver highly individualized customer experiences across channels.

SAP Hybris Service

Provide consistent and engaging customer service across all channels – and wow digitally connected consumers – with SAP Hybris software. Give your call center and help desk agents a complete view of customers, including social media activity, so they can quickly solve problems and win loyalty. And empower field service technicians with the mobile tools and technology they need to excel.

SAP Hybris Cloud for Social Engagement

Build and protect your brand’s reputation – with cloud-based tools for social media engagement and monitoring. Because customers are taking to the social Web to share their experiences with your brand, products, and services – and you don’t want to miss an opportunity to engage them. This cloud software provides powerful tools for social media monitoring, analytics, and engagement – so you can drive loyalty wherever your customers like to hang out.

Core capabilities in SAP Hybris Cloud for Social Engagement:
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Real-Time Facebook and Twitter Message Response
  • Complete Social Profile and History
  • Social Media Analytics
  • Implementation Experience

SAP Hybris Cloud for eCommerce

Customers expect a great experience when they buy from you. With SAP Hybris Commerce you’ll meet those expectations and deliver great experiences that gain their loyalty.

Thanks to its built-in omnichannel versatility, it lets you engage and transact with your customers anywhere, at any time and on any device. SAP Hybris Commerce can help you engage and understand your customers in every part of the commerce experience, from content creation to merchandising to fulfillment.

This comprehensive approach cuts down on complexity, so you can spend less time integrating with your current systems and more responding to rapidly changing market conditions. Showcase your products and services and create a personalized, relevant experience that will have your customers coming back for more.

Selected features of SAP Hybris Cloud for Commerce:
  • B2B and B2C Commerce solution
  • Product Content and Catalog Management
  • Omni-Channel Fulfillment
  • Creating Contextual ExperiencesContextual Merchandising

SAP Hybris Billing

Pricing simulation from SAP Hybris Billing helps you make the most of revenue opportunities. Quickly design and test new pricing strategies, and optimize pricing packages using historical customer data. Leverage best-in-class technologies and turn pricing into a competitive advantage.

Adapting quickly to changing business conditions is essential to staying ahead of the competition. Delivering exceptional service is not enough; providers must also tailor prices to meet customers’ specific needs.

The pricing simulation component of SAP Hybris Billing helps you transform pricing into a strategic weapon. Configure innovative pricing strategies for any service. Perform what-if simulations to see the effect of changing pricing strategies on historical customer usage data for maximum accuracy and get results quickly, even for large simulations, thanks to SAP HANA in-memory processing. Compare, contrast, and rate the results of your pricing simulations. Control and manage simulation sessions from any device – anytime, anywhere.

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