Salesforce CRM

Sell, Market and Service with the words leading CRM solution that employees can access entirely over the Internet — there’s no infrastructure to buy, set up, or manage — you just log in and get to work. New Lightning Platform gives you the fastest, most complete way to put your customers at the center of everything you do.

Sales Cloud

Close more deals

Track all your customer information and interactions in one place, anywhere. Quickly find experts to push deals along, then recognise them for contributions in the same system

Accelerate productivity

No matter if you’re a rep in the field, an inside sales rep, or you just prefer to work inside your email inbox, do more, from anywhere. Even better, automate complex business processes to drive even more productivity

Get more leads

Nurture leads until they’re sales-ready, then automatically route them to the right reps at the right time. Track the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, making every lead a quality lead

Make insightful decisions.

With Salesforce, information is in one place so it’s easier to prioritise and make quick decisions based on the most up-to-date information. And do it all from any device — a laptop, a phone, you name it

Main Functions:
  • Leads and Contact
  • Account and Opportunity
  • Sales Performance Management
  • Workflow and Approvals Management
  • Territory Management and Forecasting
  • Mobile Application
  • Report and Dashboard

Service Cloud

Close cases faster

Help your support agents solve customer problems faster by putting the right tools at their fingertips.

Provide smarter self-service.

Give your customers access to the answers they need to solve problems on their own terms and timeline.

Personalize customer care

Get more insight into your customers’ behavior so you can personalize service and predict future needs

Deliver support everywhere

Support customers wherever they are — phone, email, social media, apps, or any other channel

Main Functions:
  • Service Console
  • Knowledge Management
  • Social Customer Service
  • Live Agent
  • Field Service Lightning
  • Service Analytics
  • Mobile Service

Marketing Cloud

Personalised email marketing at scale

Build and manage any kind of email campaign. Use CRM and other data for personalisation that drives engagement. Automate your marketing to scale your capabilities and reach customers with relevant messaging throughout the entire lifecycle.

Engaging mobile messaging

Use SMS, MMS, push notifications, and group messaging to reach customers regardless of location. Go cross-channel and extend your digital marketing strategy by adding mobile to your email and social campaigns.

Exceptional social experiences

Connect social to marketing, sales, and service. Listen, engage, publish, and analyse data from over a billion sources, and automate social workflow. Hear what customers are saying about your brand, your competitors, and your products, and drive the social conversation.

Ads that win

Manage and optimise your ad campaigns to securely and powerfully reach your customers like never before. Activate your CRM data for targeting. Find new prospects with lookalikes, and re-engage users within the customer journey across all digital advertising.

Main Functions:
  • Email Studio
  • Mobile Studio
  • Social Studio
  • Advertising Studio
  • Web Studio

Community Cloud

Accelerate channel sales

Connect directly with resellers, distributors, and partners to increase sales. Enable partners to find the information and experts they need, register new leads, update records, and manage funds.

Provide stellar service

Help customers help each other and themselves with rich, self-service communities. Enable your service agents to concentrate on the most complex and impactful issues.

Connect customers

Connect social to marketing, sales, and service. Listen, engage, publish, and analyse data from over a billion sources, and automate social workflow. Hear what customers are saying about your brand, your competitors, and your products, and drive the social conversation.

Transform the workplace

Harness the power of social and mobile to create branded Employee Communities that enable employees to find the information, experts, and apps they need to be most engaged and productive.

Build a community of anything

Collaborate with agencies, suppliers, vendors or any other member of your business ecosystem. Connect patients, students, alumni, retail locations, job applicants or anyone else critical to your business success.

Main Functions:
  • Business Integration
  • Personalisation
  • Customisation Branding
  • Engagement
  • Speed
  • Topics


Grow faster with smarter engagement

Accelerate your sales cycle by giving sales the intelligence they need to close deals, faster. Identify your best leads, track engagement with campaigns, improve follow-up speed, and combine the powers of marketing and sales to turn leads into customers for life.

Generate high-quality leads

Fill the funnel with high-quality leads using a suite of powerful marketing tools. Easily create landing pages and forms, run highly-targeted email campaigns, and personalize the buyer’s experience from click to close.

Build meaningful relationships

Take the manual labour out of lead management by putting your most common marketing and sales tasks on autopilot. With automated lead qualification and nurturing, you can free up sales to focus on what really matters: bringing in new business.

Calculate marketing ROI

Take winning from an art to a science. Track campaign performance with customisable dashboards to better understand which programs are working, how your two teams are contributing to success and what needs to be done to crush your revenue goals again and again.

Main Functions:
  • Effortless Email Marketing
  • Smarter Lead Generation
  • Streamlined Lead Management
  • Insightful ROI Reporting
  • Seamless Sales Alignment

Analytics Cloud

Take action instantly

Wave Analytics makes it easy to act on your data. Once you find an answer, you can immediately take the next step and assign a sales task, close a service case, or collaborate with key stakeholders.

Get smarter and more connected

Native integration with Salesforce makes it easy to connect right to your Sales Cloud and Service Cloud data. Now you can dynamically explore any information to spot trends and visualize key performance indicators.

Work from any device

Wave Analytics was designed mobile-first and optimized for tablet, phone, and watch. Now all your team members can slice and dice data, no matter where they’re working.

Get contextual answers

Wave Apps are built to help you unlock the full power of Salesforce data. Give your sales and service teams the tools to instantly find the relevant answers that lead to smarter deals and happier customers.

Unlock hidden insights

BeyondCore analyzes millions of data combinations in minutes, to give you unbiased answers, explanations, and recommendations. So you can understand what happened, why it happened, and what will happen in the future.

Main Functions:
  • Dynamic Visualisation Engine
  • High Speed Search-Based Query Index
  • Massively Parallel
  • Infrastructure
  • 100% Vertical Integration


AppExchange apps are customized for Salesforce and extend Salesforce to every department and every industry. Instead of building solutions from scratch, you can search through thousands of apps and 50,000+ customer reviews to help you find the best match for your business. Eliminate risk and save time by finding the best tools that integrate with Salesforce, and increase your team’s productivity and your company's growth.

Main Functions:
  • Sales
  • Customer Service
  • Marketing
  • IT & Administration
  • Human Resources
  • Finance
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Collaboration
  • Analytics

SalesfoceIQ for small business

Get set up in minutes

Just connect SalesforceIQ to your Gmail or Exchange account and your CRM solution is ready to go. In no time, your emails, meetings, and phone calls are automatically captured, keeping your deals up to date so you’re free to focus on selling.

Spend your time where it matters most

SalesforceIQ intelligently filters your opportunities and surfaces the deals that need your attention most. Gain data-driven insights about individual and team performance from SalesforceIQ’s out-of-the-box reporting suite.

Sell smarter from anywhere.

The SalesforceIQ mobile app and Chrome extension provide instant access to all of your CRM data, right from your inbox. Stay on top of every deal with predictive notifications, email shortcuts, and dynamic scheduling.

Main Functions:
  • Sales Data Automation
  • Sales Reporting
  • Mobile Apps
  • Integrations

Mobile App

Stay up to speed

Now you can get all the vital information you need fast, wherever you go. View your whole day at a glance with the new Today App. Drive quicker decisions with real-time data from Dashboards and Custom Reports. And see everything that’s important to you in seconds with Feed First design.

Take action from anywhere

Drive sales, align your team, and keep all your CRM current from anywhere. Manage Leads, Contacts, Accounts and Opportunities right from your phone. Use Collaboration to share ideas and files instantly with your team. And create, sort and review your To Do list with Tasks.

Make the app your own

It’s easy to customise the Salesforce1 Mobile App for your business. Add the Custom Actions you perform most in a fraction of the time. Build point-and-click Custom Apps and roll them out easily. And instantly deploy hundreds Salesforce1 Mobile Ready AppExchange Apps.

Main Functions:
  • Feed First
  • Dashboards & Reports
  • Today
  • Notification Center
  • Sales Productivity Apps
  • Lead Tracking
  • Contacts, Accounts & Opportunities
  • Task Organisation
  • Case Management

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